Ben Tipler

Helping designers become my boss someday.

A design leader driven by empathy & evidence.

From creating drawings of Ken Griffey Jr. in Microsoft Paint as a kid, to leading teams of amazing product and UX designers at companies like Dropbox and H&R Block, I've always been drawn towards creative output as a way to enjoy life. As I've grown throughout my career I've learned to focus on 2 of my greatest strengths. Giving empathy & following evidence.

Inheriting the heart of an empath from my mother, it's always been a priority with me to connect to users & my co-workers as the foundation to building great experiences. The better you know who you're building for & who you're building it with, the better the outcome.

I balance that out with my search for evidence (with the analytical mind I inherited from my father) to inform decisions. I prioritize research, data analysis & problem definition to ensure the team is solving for the right thing, as well as creating a shared understanding for how we measure success.

As much as I enjoy solving design problems, I get even more joy from seeing someone under my care create something great, get promoted, and reach their potential. I'm currently searching for my next great role as a design leader and would love to hear from you.

The work

For over 20 years I've dedicated myself to designing & delivering great experiences to customers. The last 5 years have been focused on building into my team to help them deliver amazing work while I work with my cross-functional partners to provide direction, strategy & coaching.

Reach out via the contact info on my resume if you're interested to see case studies.

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Don't take my word for it

"Ben is a consistent advocate for the customer and his team. His team appreciated his calm demeanor, transparency & ability to connect to them while creating a healthy space for communication, which helped them deliver strong revenue in the midst of multiple changes & challenges. He also stepped up to support an additional design team while another manager was out on parental leave, working with his partner area leads to ensure both teams delivered strong results. He is very self-aware and quick to take in feedback and act on it."

Benjamin Kowalski

Director, Product Design at Dropbox

"Ben is an incredibly thoughtful and talented UX leader. He takes time to partner with others in the organization, gather data that can point to problems that need to be solved, understand the customer’s perspective, and distill all of this into a workable solution. He also looks at ways he can evolve processes within an organization to be more effective. He doesn't just accept the status quo. If you have the chance, hire Ben. You won't regret it! (Trust me, I've tried!!!)"

Vanessa Jupe

CEO & Founder at Leva

"An inspiring design leader with an amazing talent of bringing teams together to efficiently drive towards effectively delivering the most optimal digital experiences for his clients. Ben has been a driving force of implementing agile methodology in product and design environments, and has been an instrumental part of defining a future of do-it-yourself capability for H&R Block."

Max Kunakhovich

Group Director - UX at Intouch

"Ben is that rare kind of leader: a truly great people manager and an incredibly competent and proven product driver. Working with Ben is fulfilling because he gives you the space to grow, make mistakes, ask hard questions — and somehow also the first to celebrate your journey. As my lead, he always made me feel empowered, protected and excited about the work ahead. Ben empowered me to be my best — always putting me, the user, and the team ahead of himself."

Ashley Allen

Product Designer at Shopify

"I was fortunate to have worked under Ben at Bed Bath & Beyond. Ben is an amazing visionary, strategist and an empathetic design leader. He is great at supporting his team to create innovative, smart customer focused products as well as in their career goals. He has a knack for navigating stakeholder relationships. His easy going ways, passion for great design and understanding nature would make Ben an asset to any team."

April Priesler

Sr Design Manager at Under Armour

"I've always admired Ben's leadership skills and how he looks out for his team. I could always rely on him for guidance navigating tricky situations. He's genuine & supportive, but also continually pushed me to get better at my craft. He really invested into our team as well, giving us tools & team building rituals to help built trust & stay connected."

Liat Golan

Product Designer at Dropbox

"Ben was a major advocate for me & he'd always have my back when I needed help influencing my partners & other leaders. He took the time to get to know me as an individual, what I wanted out of my career & gave me the feedback, resources & support I needed to grow. I was also able to watch him learn & grow because of his transparency & openness to feedback."

Treyce Meredith

Product Design at Dropbox

"Ben brings years of UX experience to his product design. He looks at products through a consumer lens and strategizes how to enhance the user flow and deliver the best experience through design thinking. His leadership is based on building up those around him, allowing them to ask questions and explore by pushing limits, as well as addressing them with empathy and creating a space of trust."

Jessica Cable

Design Producer at USAA